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I wanted to give you a quick update! Wow, has Fall been busy! I am back in the Studio working on some new music. Super exciting! It’s almost finished the mixing stage and will be soon off to get mastered.

I also have a huge announcement coming up at the end of the month! If you’re not on the mailing list, make sure you sign up to get the exclusive before the announcement is made public :)


Kristen Karma

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Kristen Karma took to the stage Thursday July 7 2016 at the Mod Club. Featured during the night, all eyes were on her.  With over 1,300 in attendance over the two-day showcase it was an amazing night for all!

Next Up: Kristen Karma will be performing July 13th for the After Breast Cancer Event in support of Breast Cancer Survivors.

Kristen Karma at the Mod Club July 7 2016

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What a night!! Kristen Karma took to the stage at 10:50pm on Thursday July 7th to showcase her music at the RawToronto: REAVEAL Showcase!

Check out her intro to her set here:


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Only two days left for you to get pre-sale tickets to RawToronto’s REVEAL at the MOD CLUB on July 7!

Get your tickets here: http://tinyurl.com/BuyKarmaTickets

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